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Coeur d'Alene Auto Body Repair Shop

So you’re driving down the road, say Northwest Blvd., in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and suddenly, out of nowhere, a truck side swipes you. When you finally catch your breath, you get out of your vehicle and assess the damage. It looks bad and you don’t know what you’re going to do. You can’t afford to buy a new vehicle, and these days, you’re not sure who you can trust with automotive repair.  

At Impact Auto Body, located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, we have the best accredited auto body specialist, who will not only repair your car, but make sure you are receiving the best auto body care at the best possible prices. We also want to help guide you through the process of your automotive repair, so you know what’s happening to your vehicle. We don’t believe in leaving our customers out of the loop. Here are the steps involved in our auto body repair process. Also keep in mind that the more damaged caused to your vehicle, the more steps there will be in your car’s auto body repair process. 

  1. Beginning Estimate: After we write out an estimate, we will obtain your insurance company’s and your own approval, before we begin.
  2. Parts: Any parts needed for your car’s repair process are generally ordered before any production begins. This saves you time and extra expenses. 
  3. Disassembly: Any damaged parts on your vehicle will be removed. We will then make a detailed list of any hidden damages found, whether the damages have been caused by the current accident or past damages. The technician will go through your estimate and make sure they have everything needed on your vehicle.
  4. New Estimate: The estimate will be revised based on any additional or hidden damage that is found. This information goes to the insurance company, and we will discuss with you the revision to the estimate in case you have any questions. Also, if needed any additional parts will be ordered at this time.
  5. Repair Process: We will first check to see if any damage is found on the inner structure of your vehicle. If so, our specialists will begin the repair process on our frame racks. After this process is done, we will begin cosmetic repairs. Cosmetic repairs involve any sheet metal repair and replacement operations. We then begin our refinishing preparation, to ensure a thorough refinishing process.
  6. Paint and Refinishing: Using the latest in water borne technology, along with computerized color matching, we can assure that your refinish will be utterly undetectable. After baking the exterior of your vehicle, we will polish as much as needed in order to match the original factory finish and texture of your vehicle.
  7. Reassembly: After your car has a beautiful new paint job, it will be taken back to the body shop to have trim reinstalled, including any door handles and molding. After, our specialists will make sure any mechanical repairs such as air bag replacement are finished. Next your vehicle will get fully detailed and cleaned inside and out. 
  8. Quality Control and Customer Contact: We then begin our quality control process to make sure all the repair work was completed correctly and to the highest standards. Your vehicle will also be road tested and checked for all proper operation, including lights, instrument panels, power locks, along with a multitude of others. During the repair process, you will be called every 4-5 days to update you on the status of your vehicle. Once this process is completed you will be contacted within 2 days to pick up your completed vehicle.