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Auto Glass Replacement

Auto glass can be seen as one of the most important safety features on your car, truck or van. The windshield, side windows or any other auto glass features protect you from any exterior dangers. Proper windshiled installation or replacement is necessary to assure that your airbag operates correctly. A broken windshield can cause your airbag to malfunction.

Our auto glass installations adhere to manufacturers' recommendations and are in compliance with all applicable federal standards, ensuring that your vehicle is safe, secure and ready to protect you if an accident should occur. We replace auto glass to exacting standards and have been certified.

Auto Glass/Chip Repair

Even small imperfections or cracks can impair the driver's ability to see the road and to react quickly to changing road conditions. It's essential to repair windshield chips, cracks and other defects quickly before they pose a risk to drivers or passengers. 

Small problems can sometimes be solved by auto glass repair, an advanced process that injects a polymer blend into the damaged area and essentially patches the glass, eliminating the problem and leaving the windshield looking as good as new.

Managing smaller cracks and chips before they become serious barriers to the driver's field of vision is essential. Impact Paint and Collsion Repair has the skill and knowledge to repair your auto glass quickly and to the highest standards of quality and safety.

 We can also reglue side mirrors and rear view mirrors onto their brackets.